1. Nothing like getting a massage in the pool after your workout.

    I’ve been going to Miami Beach Gym for the last fifteen years. If you are serious about your workout, there’s no other gym in Miami Beach that offers so many different machines to work every single body part If that is not enough, this gym offers many group classes with great energy like Zumba, yoga, Spining, Boxing, Pilates, and others. If you just started working out They also have great per…Read More

    Anwar Zayden
  2. One of the best gyms I’ve been to, and I travel a lot.

    I have to be honest this is by far on of the best gyms I have been too and I travel a lot. The people are nice everyone minds there own busyness, the machines are awesome if u like old School stuff and the atmosphere is just on of a kind. I wold definitely recommend anyone who is into bodybuilding to go check out this place.…Read More

    Cezanne Efe
  3. I couldn’t be happier!

    I recently moved to Miami and one of my first tasks was to find a new gym. After a lengthy search, I found Miami Beach Gym. Between the amenities, the atmosphere, the equipment and just the overall vibe of this place, I couldn’t be happier. They also have a Spa and Beauty Salon. As a member, I enjoy a 20% discount. I highly recommend MBG to anyone looking for a gym to call their own.…Read More

    Nailia Salimova
  4. Everything is great in this gym!

    Great staff !!!great equipments !!!! Everything is great in this gym ! Thanks for your service !!…Read More

    Yoan Gonzalez Martinez
  5. The staff is amazing!

    Great gym and spa! The staff is amazing! They offer such a variety of services and classes that there is something for everyone.…Read More

    Charlotte Denton
  6. The best mid Collins Ave gym on the beach!

    The best mid Collins Avenue gym on the beach, well stocked with equipment only one with over 15+ core exercise machines.…Read More

    Phillip Dee
  7. Great to be on the beach and do yoga

    Always great to be on the beach and do yoga with the community. So nice of Beach Body to bring people together like this.…Read More

    Meredith Taggart
  8. My temple… love my gym.

    my temple...my go to place for stress release....always look forward to getting my training in at Beach Body....plenty of free weights and different machines to work every muscle....the employees are friendly and attentative. Love my gym.…Read More

    John Alex Colon
  9. Full of Energy!

    James is a great and motivating teacher full of energy!…Read More

    Shauni Devos
  10. This is the place to go for free-weights

    I was in Miami Beach for a few days and needed somewhere to lift. Most of the other fitness facilities near my hotel seemed to focus on yoga, boxing, bootcamp-style conditioning programs. I like those things but I wanted specifically to lift. This is the place to go for free-weights -- leg presses, squat rack, bench press, leg curl, etc.…Read More

    Yohan J. Blount