Nothing like getting a massage in the pool after your workout.

I’ve been going to Miami Beach Gym for the last fifteen years. If you are serious about your workout, there’s no other gym in Miami Beach that offers so many different machines to work every single body part If that is not enough, this gym offers many group classes with great energy like Zumba, yoga, Spining, Boxing, Pilates, and others. If you just started working out They also have great personal trainers. In additional they have a spa and Beauty salon. There is nothing like getting a massage in the pool after your work out. If you are member you get 20% off on the Spa and all supplements. The gym is located inside the Sherry Hotel which offers a beautiful pool facing the ocean. Unlike others gym’s, the owner Fernando is very hands on. He’s very helpful and he’s always available if you need him.

Anwar Zayden