Mastey Teinture Professional Hair Color is the first permanent high lift hair color to be completely gluten-free, ammonia-free, PPD-free, and propylene glycol-free. It has become the premier permanent hair color choice for health-conscious stylists and hair salons worldwide.

For over eight years, Antonio Palomino has been converting his loyal Miami clientele to this wonderful hair color line. Once the salon owner saw his potential and reach, Antonio was introduced to the regional distributor, who immediately hired him as a national educator for professional stylists across the United States. It wasn’t long before the manufacturer recognized his talents and scooped him up to teach internationally as well!

Having just returned from Europe, he briefly touched down at our salon to tend to his raving Miami Beach organic hair color fans before taking off again for the Birmingham Hair Show. We are sad to have temporarily lost him, but don’t panic. Our jet-setting organic hair color master shall return shortly to his beloved Mastey hair color addicts.