ZUMBA…..Let it move you!

15 million people and 150 countries. Anybody. Everybody.
Zumba is no longer a fad — this dance fitness program has taken over and is here to stay. WEPA!

Zumba Fitness classes are exercise in disguise. Zumba has easy-to-learn moves, great music, and high-energy fun that results in a total-body workout, combining all the elements of fitness: cardio, conditioning, balance, flexibility, and boosted energy. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a class!

Let’s be honest. It’s easy to find a Zumba class. Zumba is offered at most gyms and studios. However, you really want to find a Zumba class with talented, high-energy staff, great music, a welcoming atmosphere, and a great location. The Zumba classes at Beach Body Health Club offers all of this and more!

Every Friday night, BeachBody offers a FREE Zumba Party at 7 p.m. This incredible event is held poolside at the Deauville Beach Resort, overlooking the gorgeous Miami Beach. An outdoor setting only adds to the allure of the Zumba Party, and the light breeze helps the class feel alive while moving to Latin and international rhythms! In addition to the amazing location, this dance party is taught by top-notch instructors —= instructors that teach with heart, passion, and skill! It’s a class unlike any other.

Party yourself into shape! Come join BeachBody for Zumba today.