Sought out by many A-list celebrities and athletes, Stretch Zone is the world’s leading provider of advanced assisted stretching, a technique used to better one’s overall health and flexibility. We are pleased to announce that Beach Beauty Health Spa has been selected to exclusively offer these services!

The Stretch Zone Method® is a formulated series of stretches utilizing body straps designed to target different parts of the body and areas of concern. These controlled and guided stretching techniques are conveniently broken down into 5-10 minute sequences that work with the autonomic nervous system. When properly implemented, this method is shown to efficiently improve muscle symmetry and flexibility, enhance physical performance, and alleviate rheumatic pain. Other benefits include improving overall physical and athletic skills, relieving body stiffness and soreness, and increasing and maintaining range of motion.

Everyone can benefit from regular stretching with this system, but it is especially helpful to those who work out regularly. Try it for yourself! Schedule your free demonstration at Beach Beauty Health Spa today.