It may not be readily apparent, but sitting at the desk contorts your spine day in an day out. Constantly hunching over to view a computer screen will take its toll and place pressure directly on your lower back, causing discomfort. Along with good posture, inverting – positioning your body upside down, so your feet are above your head – every day can decompress the spine and rehydrate your spinal disks to help relieve pain and refresh tired muscles.

It used to be that if you ever wanted to enjoy the benefits of an inversion table, you had to purchase your own and find room for it at your home — somewhere where it wouldn’t turn into an expensive clothes hanger.

Logic would have it that “health clubs” should offer ample stretching equipment, since lifting weights causes tightening of ligaments and may bring about some reduction in your range of motion. I am not aware of any gym in the Miami Beach area besides Beach Body Health Club that has anything more than a stretching cage or bench.

To achieve a balanced body, you not only need resistance training with weights and cardio, but also stretching and decompression, which may be achieved through yoga, Stretch Zone, and massage therapy — or an inversion table.

Beach Body Health Club is the only gym in Miami Beach that offers all of the above mentioned options in addition to a decompression machine for your lower back and a motorized electric inversion table by Teeter.

Inversion is one of the most effective ways to improve back health. It only takes a few minutes, and it can be done before training, after your workout, or on your off-day. Inverted decompression, also called gravity-assisted traction. can offer a myriad of benefits, including temporary back pain relief, improved spinal health and alignment, and decreased muscle tension and stress. Inversion therapy is also used to complement the treatment of depression.

From those who work at a desk to those who are on their feet for many hours, ladies who wear high heels and those who challenge themselves with every workout, everyone can enjoy daily benefits from the stretch equipment offered by Beach Body Health Club. Stop by today to learn more about all the high-quality equipment and support we have to offer, and ask about our membership benefits!