Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is an altered form of linoleic acid (LA), which is an omega-6 fatty acid important to human health. Although many have heard of it, little is still known about the true benefits of CLA in nutrition. CLA can be normally found in some meats and dairy products, and it’s suggested effects are said to be proportional to concentrations close to human consumption levels.

CLA caught initial scientific interest in the late 70s when it was discovered by accident at the University of Wisconsin, but the true studies done on CLA’s effects in animals was done during the mid-80s. This research proved CLA to have numerous benefits, such as improving body composition, decreasing in cancerous cells, providing antioxidant benefits, and more. Later research of its effects on humans also proved special improvement of lean mass-to-body-fat ratio, which propelled all the buzz we hear now about this free fatty acid as a promising supplement.

CLA’s health-promoting benefits include:

  • Improved food and energy intake
  • Promotion of body fat mass reduction without adverse effects
  • Increased retention and build-up of lean muscle
  • Lower cholesterol, aiding in the diminution of arteriosclerosis and other coronary diseases
  • Lower insulin resistance, which helps prevent adult-onset diabetes
  • Promising anti-carcinogen, anti-aging, and immune system enhancer

Although already a natural part of human diet, CLA is found in foods at levels too low to provide its benefits, which is why its suggested consumption is a 1000 mg supplement about three times a day. A CLA supplement is particularly recommended for the regular gym-goer, fitness athlete, and bodybuilder. As a part of Beach Body Health Club, Miami Beach Nutrition carries CLA capsules from name-brand supplements such as Dymatize, MusclePharm, and others.

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